New story of content
A New Encounter of Creators and Fans
If you have a lot of ideas but do not know how to get started,
If you're a creator who wants to create new content that's different from what you are now,
If you are a fan who would like to support creators' creative activities
You can prepare a very special tomorrow
in grapefruit content funding
Our Goals
Unlike traditional crowdfunding,

we decided to focus on content.

Easy without complicated funding process!

We want to create a new culture of crowdfunding

that can be sponsored and content can be created

without the burden of crowdfunding failure.

I want to showcase a new chapter

in the global one-person media market

as well as in Korea

where I can communicate with fans who support me

and promote my channel.

Content funding by experts and professionals
Zamong is a group of experts

who provide the optimal environment for content creators

by providing one-person media content creation infrastructure centering on the space.

Zamong provides a platform where a variety of professional creators

such as one-person media creators, podcasters, web toon/web novel authors

can tell a very special story that was not in the world.

Zamong Content Funding is a good crowdfunding

that helps creators to challenge new challenges

with their patronage of patrons.

Challenges for creators
Creator-friendly environment

A special system of Zamong that can be funded without failure

Content global translation service

Create your project now!

Opportunities for fans
Supports creators to podcasters and web novel

Creators contribute to the creation of content

Opportunity to get closer to the creator with the various rewards

Join the creators now

Zamong cheers for you
to dream for yourself
one-person media content production studio 'Zamong Media Center'

Podcast platform 'Mongpod'

Next Industry Magazine 'MediaZamong'

Corporate broadcast production service 'BrandCast'

Original content of Zamong only 'FoodZamong'

And the new concept of crowdfunding 'Zamong Content Funding'
Zamong is an innovative one-person media business specializing

in connecting creators and fans and delivering new things to people.

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