Zamong Contents Funding FAQ

1. How to use Creator Content Funding

- basic

What is Contents Funding?
Hi, there. Contents funding is crowdfunding for all creators working in creative fields such as creators such as Youtuber, BJ, Streamer, artists in music and art, webtunists, web novelists.

The idea is that from creators who are struggling with funding to creators who want to create new profit structures ... Creator Contents Funding will be a new channel for new challenges for creators. It also serves as a link between the creator and the fans who love and cheer with the creator.

Zamong is MCN(Multi Channel Networks) company, and we are doing our best to realize the vision of the creator by pouring all our capabilities.

Who owns the copyright of the project results?
All copyrights belong to the creator.
How do I create a project page?
You can create a project page by clicking 'Start Project' at the top of the site. For more information, please refer to the "Creator Help" section of this FAQ.

- How to set up an account

How do I join?
Click on the sign-in screen at the top of the page and click 'Sign in'. Membership is easy and simple.
I forgot my password. What should I do?
Click 'Forgot your password?' At the bottom of the login window. You can set a new password.

I want to erase Zamong account! Please let us know how to unsubscribe.

- ETC.

2. Creator Help

- Create a project

Is project application free?
Yes it is free. We wait for the support of all the creators who have ideas.
Can I get started when I apply for a project?
It is good to be able to get started right away, but we need a review by our team. If you submit a proposal, we will reply to you by e-mail about the start date of the project within 7 days.
I have a positive response to start the project. Are you starting right now?
We need the final tuning time to make the creator's idea a little brighter. Our professional consulting team will make your creators' ideas more compelling. After the final tuning, you can start the project at the end.

- Project Guidelines

- Project funding and amount

How many days do I have to set the funding period? Should not we?
Project funding period must be set. Since there is a period of project review and consulting, please set as long as possible the funding period and project start date. Periods can be adjusted and changed at the end of the consulting period.
Do I have to set the target amount?
No. The target amount setting is optional. Contents Funding begin to be a cost-free production for creators, unlike other crowdfunding. So even if you do not reach 100% of your goals, your project will go ahead and sponsors will be able to get rewards. The target amount can be set directly by the creator, and you do not need to set it if you do not want to.
Is there a limit to setting a goal amount?
There is not. However, we do not recommend setting a high target amount for the initial project. Project funding can be promoted by 100%, so it is good to make good use of it.
The funding period has ended. I wonder what happens when the target amount is achieved and when it is not.
Funding Success - If the pre-set target amount is met, the project creator will be able to receive the offer amount within 14 business hours and will be responsible for completing the project successfully and fulfilling the promised sponsor reward.

Funding Underdone - Even if you do not have a target amount, you can create content for sponsors as much as the amount you have collected to create the content of the creators. However, sponsor rewards promised through the project must be fulfilled.

In either case, please consider Rewards as a minimum of patronage to your sponsors.

- Reward setup

Do I have to set up my sponsor rewards?
Rewards are the least sincere for sponsors, but rewards are a great help in driving funding.
How do I set up rewards?
You can freely set the rewards that the creator can give you. However, there are some principles for setting up rewards.

First, do not give the reward in cash.

Second, with the target amount in mind, please set up a reward that you can really give to your sponsors.

For more information, please refer to the 'Setting Rewards' section below.

- After starting project funding

I started funding and I want to add something. Is this part correctable?
After you start the project, you can add any posts you want to add for promotional purposes. Video promotions, photos, or text are great.
Can you fix it except that?
Yes. Other items cannot be modified. This is because it can confuse those who have already participated.

What you cannot change is shown below.

  • Target amount
  • deadline
  • Project release date
  • Project Introduction
  • Project title
  • Project category
  • Refund / Exchange Policy
  • Rewards

- When project is in progress

I've reached my goal amount faster than I expected. Can I end funding?
Once you start the project, you will not be able to terminate the funding before the set period. It is not that you cannot fund more than 100%. Rather, you can collect more money and use it to promote.
Sorry. I guess I will not be able to continue the project. What should I do in this case?
From the start of the project, please think of it as a promise not only for us but also for our supporters. Canceling a project in the middle not only breaks trust among each other, but also damages the creator's reputation. So the project must be something that the creator can accomplish.

Nevertheless, when you have to cancel the project due to unavoidable circumstances, you should give details to the sponsors. You can contact them directly or use the project page. And we need to worry about how to make compensation system. It is a good idea to prepare for this at the project application stage.

Also, if you cannot cancel your project or fail to submit the promised results, we cannot do it with our content funding from now on.

You have finished the project. Can I delete the project?
Once a project is opened, the project cannot be deleted. Even after the achievement. Later, when you open a project, site users will be able to contribute more creatively to the funding.
If funding is closed and you are requesting a refund, what should I do?
When applying for a project, the creator has a section to announce the refund policy in advance. The sponsor's refund is solely the responsibility of the creator and the creator must set the refund policy carefully.

Of course, if you cannot fulfill your appointment due to the circumstances of the creator, you must make a refund.

After finishing the funding, the project is completely over. When is the settlement possible?
The payment date is within 15 business days after the end.
How do I set up an account and card for settlement?
When you apply for the project, we will send you necessary documents.

- Setting Rewards

What can I present as rewards?
Please think of Rewards as an expression of gratitude towards your patron. Something physical, but not necessarily good.

Whether it's subtitles or ending credits in the video, a thank-you card or e-mail written by yourself, the creators themselves can creatively design the appropriate way. For big sponsors, you can either have a fan meeting or let them appear directly in the content.

If you are a musician, you can provide offline music, or if you have a large amount of funding, you can make small performances. It is possible if the creator can give it directly and the maximum benefit that can be given within the funding amount.

But do not worry too much about rewards. It is for the participation and compensation of the supporters. We can talk with you at our consulting stage.

Is there anything that cannot be rewarded?
Yes, of course. Stock trading, equity security, lottery tickets, coupons, and all items prohibited by Korean law are not rewardable.
Is there a minimum amount of Sponsor Rewards?
You can set a minimum of 1,000 won for one.
When should I pay my rewards?
If you put the name of the sponsor in the creator content, it will be provided right when the project is released. If it is not and you have to ship separately, please send it within one month after the project is finished. Sponsor information can be found on the project page after login.

- Receive funding fees, fees and tax benefits

What is the fee for uploading projects to Contents Funding?
The creator content funding platform fee is 15% (including VAT). Think of the platform commission as including media fees, site promotion fees, project promotion costs, and consulting. Here's about 5% more payment fee.
Is it possible to issue tax invoices for fees?
Creator Content Funding, according to Article 18 of the VAT Act, provides electronic tax invoices to the project creators to prove the costs of all fees for the recruitment, including platform fees and payment fees.

3. Sponsor's help

- Sponsoring the project

How do I sponsor a project?
You can go to the sponsorship page by choosing what you want to sponsor from the projects introduced on the Creator Content Funding Site and clicking on 'Sponsor the Project'.
Is it possible to sponsor only with money?
Yes. Contents Funding is designed for special projects that allow creators to create revenue structures in addition to advertising revenue and to be with fans. So sponsorship is only possible with money.
How can I cancel funding?
You can cancel your sponsorship at any time before the end of the project. However, funding can no longer be canceled after the project closes. Refunds are based on the refund rules that the creators themselves have determined. There is a refund policy at the bottom of the project.
Can you trust the project creator?
Contents Funding is basically only a trusted creator can open a project, and we are also in the process of confirming it. Of course, a famous creator can open a project so that no introduction is required.

To help the sponsor understand the project page, there is a separate corner for introducing the creator and links to YouTube, social media, etc., which are operated by them. If you are a creator you do not know well, please use it to check.

We continue to communicate with our creators during the project. In addition, we are making every effort to prevent incomplete projects, cancellations, and unpaid rewards due to unavoidable circumstances, and if the situation arises, the creator takes responsibility.

- Set up funding billing

What payment methods do you support?
You can participate in funding by credit card and Paypal.

- Funding Amount Refund Policy

Refund Policy
As a general rule, you must follow the refund policies created by the creators. The creator's refund policy is determined by the simple remorse of the sponsor and the delayed execution of unexpected rewards. Please note that refunds are not always available for projects that begin production immediately after the deadline.

Before participating in the project, please check the exact refund policy specified by the creator.